My Interveiw

On June 25, 2012, I had an interview with Silvio Canto and Barry Casselman.  It was interviewed on a Blog-Talk-Podcast called Canto Talk.  (Click HERE to listen the podcast — I am on the last 15 minutes).  It was about 15 minutes. Before the interview and in the interview I was nervous, but after I was just fine. The reason  I was  interviewed is because I started this blog. They asked me who did I think was going to win the election. I don’t know much about the government and politics right now but my best guess is Mitt Romney.

They Asked me about any sports I did. I answered Fencing. I added that I also Fenced once a week every week.

After fencing Silvio pointed out that my mom said I liked history. I answered,”Yes.” Then Silvio asked what type of history. I replied,” Ancient history.” Then he replied,”Like what?” I answered,”Rome.” Then I told them why. The reason why is because I’m part Romanian. Hear the rest by going to the site that I linked to above.