Fencing Camp

July 9th-July 14th I went to fencing camp. I already knew fencing so the camp acted as practice. On the first day, we did stations and dodge-ball.  The stations were made to teach the people who didn’t know how to fence the basic attacks. Here is a list of the very simple moves we did on the first day:

  • First position(make a backwards L with your feet if you’re a righty. An L if you’re a lefty)
  •  En Garde (same as First Position  but with a space between your feet and you should bend your knees)
  • Extension(put your arm out)
  • Lunge (extend your arm out then lunge your frontfoot forward)
  • Recovery(after a lunge of some sort, pull your front foot back and un-extend your arm)

The second day we did the stations again. We did these moves:

  • Parry 4(Put tip diagonally pointing at roof and move across body)
  • Parry 7( Same as parry 4 but  with tip down)
  • Parry 6(Make a C from the bottom up)
  • Parry 8 (make a C from the top down to your knees)

We Also did Star Wars Day. Star Wars Day is where you do challenges to level up. I got to the highest level.

The third day we did station and did a disengage.  A disengage is where you go around the blade when they parry you. We also did a tournament. We did games in the second half. Mostly wizard and dodge-ball. Also 2 rounds of sharks and minnows.

On the 4th day we did stations that reviewed moves as well as fenced. On the second half we did theatrical fencing and made skits.

The last day we again practiced, fenced, and did more games.  We did a skit for the moms and then camp was over.


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