Pool Party

7/15/2012 I went to a pool party. It was a private pool. The pool had 2 waterfalls, 1 water slide, a spa, and a gas fire. There were 2 water slide pads and a floating bed as well.

When we got there I thought it was going to be a  simple house pool, but when we got to the yard I saw the fancy pool. I went into the water to get use to the temperature then did the slide 5 times. Then sat in the spa for 10 minutes. After the spa I laid on the bed. Then Another kid from the party stood on it so I pushed her off and tries to stand and we started playing around.  I got into the Spa quickly and she mad an air bubble. I went back in and tried to breathe with it. It seemed to work but I think we pushed it above the water. After 4 hours of playing it was diner.

For dinner we had peas, potatoes, corn, and steak. For dessert brownies and cookies.

We sat around the gas fire for a little and then jumped back in. I went down the water slide a couple more times and then we played with the water-bed.  I sat in the Spa for another 10, minutes then got dressed and went home.


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