More on roblox.

On my first post, I got a lot of comments on Roblox. So, I have decided to make a post on Roblox.

Roblox is everything the scripts allow (scripts are items that decide a behavior).  You can either fly high or dig underground.  All these places need builders though. Scripting and model building requires practice. I only can do basic scripts.

In Roblox, you can also join groups. Groups are Robloxians (People On Roblox) gathered together. Groups can be Fan Clubs, Industry Workers, Academies. and War Groups. Fan Clubs are where Robloxians talk about what the Fan Group is for. Industry Groups are where people join to work for others. Academies are usually add-ons for training to be in a group.War groups are groups that go to war. These groups are where you will find the most group places.

A List of my most active groups:

  1. Ro-West Airlines(Industry)
  2. WIJ (pronounced “Why”)(War)
  3. Cardian Empire(WAR)
  4. WIJ Shock Troopers Academy.(Academy for WIJ shock troopers)(to get in to the academy you must be operative+ and have 3,000 KO)(Not that hard)

WIJ is a whole corporation of groups. WIJ is also in the Virdian Alliance, The most equal and stable alliance made. The Virdian Alliance is also well-known.

With all these places you should get money out of them right? Well, You do NBC(Not builders Club) games get you 10 tickets each visit. BC games get you 10 robux each visit. You may also add VIP as a BC in both NBC and BC games to earn a little extra money by selling the t-shirt. On Roblox, Nothing is inpossible.


One thought on “More on roblox.

  1. Roblox sounds like a very exciting game with a lot of interesting features. Good job describing some of the things you can do on Roblox. Maybe you can teach me how to play some day.

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