The Del Mar Fair

I went to the Del Mar Fair on the 18 of June. My Grandmother, Sister, and I Got there at 10:30 So we ha to wait a half an hour to Get in once in we had to wait an hour till the rides opened. In that time period we had a snack.

When the rides finally opened we went on the Farris Wheel first, Then Skyflyer(Don’t go on it its to short), After that I went on the log ride, Then we did Hang glider, And finally Windstorm.

My Favorite ride was windstorm. Windstorms supper rough, super fast, and VERY Curvy. It is a very intense ride and i do not recommend this for a lot of people. It was the most intense ride I have ever been on. Here are some stats about windstorm.

Windstorm stats:

  • Maximum angle: 75 Degrees
  • Maximum speed: 55 MPH
  • Minimum Hight to ride: 50″
  • Maximum Hight to ride: 6′ 5″

Here is a list of my Favorites 1=best 5= Worst

  1. Windstorm
  2. Log Ride
  3. Hang glider
  4. Farris Wheel
  5. Skyflyer

The reason Skyflyer was the worst is because it was way to short.

What Ended the day was an order of blooming onions. They were good but i got an Ache in my belly.


6 thoughts on “The Del Mar Fair

  1. Sounds like a great day at the fair. No thanks to some of those scary rides. Glad you had so much fun. Love, Great Grandpa Miller, Earl

  2. Wow Blake! I’d never go on windstorm because I’d probably get sick! You’re very brave. I’m glad you enjoyed your day at the fair. See you soon.

  3. It was a wonderful day with my grandchildren at the Fair. Just happy to watch them from the ground, they took some amazing rides.
    Love, Bama

  4. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a lovely Del Mar afternoon than with my little brother at the fair! The Windstorm roller coaster certainly was intense. I think my personal favorite was the Hang glider; it was so soothing to soar through the air like that. You write very well Blake, keep up the good work!

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